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Oral Cancer (Scotland)
Oral Cancer (Scotland)

2.0 h

2.0 Credits


Oral Cancer

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Course Description

This two-hour programme aims to offer an extensive oral cancer learning resource for healthcare professionals.

On completing the programme you will be:

  • Up to date on current oral cancer epidemiology
  • Aware of the importance of routine opportunistic screening for oral cancer
  • Able to identify patients at particular risk and provide appropriate advice
  • Able to identify suspicious lesions
  • Aware of the appropriate referral procedure
  • Confident in communicating concerns to patients
  • Better able to understand the disease from a patient's perspective
  • Able to comprehend the outcome following referral to a specialist

Course Objectives

The programme comprises four topics, with each split into further subsessions.

Topic 1: The facts

This topic provides a background into the incidence, causes and development of oral cancer - this will aid your understanding of the contributing risk factors and mechanics of the disease.

The sessions are broken down into:

  • Session 1: Epidemiology
  • Session 2: Risk Factors
  • Session 3: Pathogenesis

Topic 2: Team Approach

This topic looks at all aspects of communication both within the team and with the patient. Your role in providing advice and supporting the patient will be explored with the emphasis on:

  • Session 1: Raising Awareness
  • Session 2: Communication
  • Session 3: Referral

Treatment Topic 3: Screening Examination

This topic includes practical advice on improving your opportunistic screening procedures. This topic focuses on:

  • Session 1: Risk Factor Assessment
  • Session 2: The Examination Procedure
  • Session 3: Examination Aids

Topic 4: Case Studies

The final topic provides a much needed insight into first hand experiences of examining, making referrals and living with oral cancer:

  • Session 1: Team Stories

Session 2: The patient's story professionals play in early detection



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